The Recharge That Charged Her Forward

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.
3 min readApr 27, 2022
Natalie King, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC

To recharge means to “fill or refuel (something) so it can be used again.” It is commonly used regarding batteries and other devices, but what about people? What does it mean to “recharge” as a person? Does it mean giving yourself energy so you can continue on your way? Or is there more to it than that? Well, if you ask Natalie King, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dunamis Clean Energy Partners, LLC, she will tell you that recharging from a nap changed her life and the life of her company.

Natalie King’s innovative vision for Dunamis has created a diversified portfolio of products and services that result in energy efficiency and environmental service solutions, including LED lighting and electric vehicle (EV) charger manufacturing. But believe it or not, Natalie had no plans of having EV chargers a part of the Dunamis product line. In an upcoming TEDxWaterStreet, Natalie shares how an after-church nap led her to become the first African American woman to manufacture electric vehicle (EV) chargers in the United States.

In 2018, a quick “recharge” nap gave Natalie “direction” to dive into EV charging. Being given a vision is one thing but acting on it is another — and Natalie’s vision led her to delve deep into understanding everything about electric vehicles, and EV charging for over a year. By the end of 2019, Dunamis began engineering, designing, and prototyping EV chargers, known today as Dunamis Charge (a wholly-owned subsidiary of DCEP).

Can you imagine not recognizing when your body needs to recharge and what you can miss out on? In a discussion about the need to take a nap, Natalie had this to say:

“It’s like a recharge — which is the whole purpose of a power nap. Just 20–30 minutes is all you need, and you’re able to “reboot” so you can have clarity, get centered, and be still within your inner being. That’s where the power comes from.”

In a society that has socialized us to think we have to do, do, and do, for entrepreneurs, investors, and other professionals, this can result in major setbacks. They try to tough it out and push through, but eventually, energy levels will give out, and a break is needed. Breaks are better taken rather than forced. This is why Natalie finds it important to stop doing for just a moment and nap to gain or regain focus. These naps have had a significant impact on Natalie and how she conducts business. Under her leadership and vision, Dunamis has grown into a multi-million-dollar corporation with more than 150 employees throughout Southeastern Michigan.

While focused on clean energy, Natalie also knows to be “clean” in the environment is to also be “clean” in the mind. When it comes to clean energy, our minds are often on the environment. In all of the ways she could think of to help save the planet, there was another side to this equation: mental and spiritual health. Recently, experts have been looking into how clean energy can benefit our brains, and it turns out, that the clean energy Natalie is soon to speak about is more than just how it is good for the earth — it’s good for the mind and spirit, too!

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

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