Saint Jaimz: Throwing Back The Covers To Gently Make It Do What It Do

Just when you thought feel good R&B music was going away, you catch the mesmerizing sound of a soulful voice that not only gives you chills, but also draws you in to fall in love with R&B all over again. This is what music artist, Saint Jaimz is doing to change the game in the music industry.

Having performed at the Slow Jam Heart and Soul 3rd year anniversary at the Virtual Harlem Music Festival, this Chicago-born artist is throwing back the covers and showing how he is making it do what it do and in a big way.

I had the pleasure if interviewing this musically talented artist to not only get to know his introduction to music, but also what has inspired him to become the chart-hitting artist he is.

Dr. G.: You are so talented, and your music gives so many sensual feelings just hearing the melodies in the music. It feels like how R&B used to be. Tell me a little bit about your introduction to music.

Saint Jaimz: Growing up as a kid my Grandmother was the musical person in our family she Used to be a gospel singer so that was my first introduction to music. She would play a lot of real classic records back in the day but then on Sunday she would sing a lot of gospel greats that are no longer with us. So that’s how I started to sing and just enjoy the art of music.

Dr. G.: So, what made you choose to enter into the music industry?

Saint Jaimz: After I reached grade school and middle school to high school, I started singing in the halls, choir, and glee. From that point, I always wanted to be in the music industry like everybody else did at the time. Michael Jackson was hot, and Whitney Houston and all the major artist was doing their thing.

Once I turned 18, I went to the military and formed a singing group. While Stationed in Europe, we won a talent show in Germany and the Grand Prize was a trip to the Apollo. Afterwards, we got picked up as background singers for the artist Joe, and from that point I was hooked by the allure of the music industry! That’s how I started!

Dr. G.: How did you get your name?

Saint Jaimz: SAINT JAIMZ is a spelled out version of the abbreviated e word St., which are the first 2 letters of my government first name! and Jaimz is my middle name “James” swagged a little!

Dr. G.: What inspired “Throw Back the Covers”?

Saint Jaimz: I don’t like the word “OLD SCHOOL” when referring to music that isn’t associated with today’s sound, because I think todays music is robotic at best! I kind of like understand that my style of music is throwback! I have a throwback sound but it’s still popular with people in my age demographic.

The mainstream industry just doesn’t really realize how popular what I do is to people a certain age. With that being said, throwback music is what I do in covering these songs as cover records, thus, “Throw Back the Covers” is how I came up with the concept.

Dr. G.: Throw Back the Covers, Vol. 1 has Nearly 1.6 Million Streams. How does that make you feel knowing one of your singles is burning up the charts?

Saint Jaimz: It’s awesome being an independent artist! It is a great feeling to see some traction and accomplishment in your music any independent that is not signed to a major label or have a record deal and is getting some notoriety and or traction on their product is what you strive for! You want people to embrace you, get to know you, to love your music or appreciated it!

Dr. G.: What is next for you?

Saint Jaimz: I want to continue to produce, sing, and put out great and consistent content and video visuals, along with partnering with other artists. I have this concept called Saint Jaimz Presents, along with who I collaborate with by my brand called “Collective Efforts Muzic Group,” and with my independent label, Household Name Entertainment. The sky is the limit and I’m going to keep grinding!

Dr. G: How can people connect and keep up with everything you are doing?

Saint Jaimz: You can go to my official website WWW.SAINTJAIMZ.COM or on social media at:

Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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