Roxanne Luciano: Real, Raw, and Rich Rich

Atlanta born, Los Angeles raised, Roxanne Luciano is living the life of her dreams. And her new single, Rich Rich, is a clear indication of that. This Caribbean-fused hip-hop single is quickly making its way up the charts on every platform it is streaming on. Living her life being raw, rich in spirit, and rebellious has taught her to push beyond her own fears and allow the world to see just who she really is…voice and all.

Loving music her whole life and being raised in a family of entertainers, it was only a matter of time before this model turned rapper followed her passion and stepped into her purpose. Music has been and still is therapy for this up-and-coming artist.

Influenced by rap, hip-hop, R&B, Rock, she is now creating a lane of her own. Roxanne Luciano is choosing to be different. Musically, she is refusing to set limitations for herself. She does not want to be labeled as a one-genre artist. She wants to cross-pollinate mixing genres of music that were never thought of in this industry.

Though inspired by artist like Timbaland, Missy Elliot, Lil Kim, Lil Wayne, MIA, and Santigold, Roxanne Luciano is most proud of the female rappers in this era because they are choosing to shine and stand proudly in their own light. And that is exactly why she knew it was her time!

When it comes to culture, Roxanne Luciano wants to contribute something that is not seen enough in this industry…being a woman. Hip-hop is still a male-dominated genre of music and to balance it out it will take more women pushing beyond their fears. And while she feels she can contribute not only a place for rapping, but she also has a place for singing. She is not holding back on being able to express herself musically and in so many different ways.

Working with the legendary producer, Tony Mercedes, Roxanne Luciano has been able to work with artist across all genres of music (which is exactly what she has dreamed of). He is also the driving force behind her success. She has worked hard and having someone like Tony Mercedes recognize her talent makes her want to work harder.

Staying true to herself is as important as her music and she refuses to let anything stand in her way of that. She is an up-and-coming artist on the fast track to success. She is definitely a name you want to know!

Want more? Follow Roxanne Luciano on IG and Twitter @officialroxanneluciano and on Youtube at Roxanne Luciano.




Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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