Jalynn Jones: The Entrepreneur That Is Unapologetically Black, Pretty, and Paid

The entrepreneur journey is not only about revenue; it is about creating generational wealth. But even that is just a small piece that comes along with the journey. Just ask Jalynn Jones, who is a Business Coach, Strategist, and Black Entrepreneurship Thought Leader, and the Founder of Black Pretty and Paid University, an affirmation-enriched business coaching company designed to increase excellence, acumen, and sustainability among melanated entrepreneurs.

In honor of Women’s HERstory Month, it is my pleasure to highlight such an amazing (and busy) boss lady unapologeticially making a community difference when it comes to entrepreneurship.

Dr. G.: Thank you for taking the time to speak wtih me today. Can you briefly tell me about your business and what inspired you to launch it?

Jalynn: Awesome! I have been an entrepreneur for over ten years and have owned, managed, or operated four businesses. Before I introduced who I am and what I do, I always like to preface readers with this statement: Time is the stock you invest in ultimate success.

Becoming is a journey. Stay committed and invested. There’s only one thing that can happen: you’ll actually make it!

In September of 2020, BPPU fearlessly launched to meet the growing need for businesses to create services and products that can thrive in any economic climate. Fundera reports that there are over 2 million black-owned businesses in the United States. My daily purpose and life mission are to supercharge our community to be sustainable and positioned to create generational wealth. Period. I live and breathe that mission.

Dr. G.: One would think going from Gerontology to being an Entrepreneur Thought Leader would be on opposite ends of the spectrum, but to me, they seem to co-exist in similar spaces. What inspired this shift for you, and how can people cultivate the space of affirmations that lead to healthy aging practices?

Jalynn: Another GREAT question. Want to know a fun fact? The most popular industry among black-owned businesses in healthcare. I actively operate with my Gerontology hat in entrepreneurship consulting healthcare companies. When we process what generational wealth means, it’s a two-way motion of fortifying financial stability not only for your offspring but for your elders. I agree with you that both Gerontology and Entrepreneurship for my target audience go hand in hand. I am the unicorn that helps the world see that symmetry.

Dr. G.: Why is investing in mindset shifts in a business so important for growth?

Jalynn: I recommend mindset coaching and literature as the first investment new and aspiring entrepreneurs must make in themselves. Mindset is a currency, and it takes training to understand how powerful the currency of our mind can be with the correct information.

Mindset expansion is extremely important for everyone, but for BIPOC entrepreneurs who statistically were born into poverty, there are several lessons, and lifestyle habits were must learn and unlearn. The challenge to this is that all it took was being born into poverty to create the mindset of scarcity and shift one’s perspective from poverty to the reality that that is no shortage of money or resources takes several psychological shifts. Investing in oneself is the energy exchange that solidifies the commitment to pivoting into a purpose-driven lifestyle.

There are so many emotions black entrepreneurs go through when starting a business is most of it is rooted in fear — the fear of the unknown. Entrepreneurship requires excellent risks and sacrifice. I also feel like choosing entrepreneurship is a spiritual transformation because it genuinely connects one to what they were designed to do while giving them the financial stability they deserve.

Dr. G.: What are three marketing tips people should know about sales, and how have they shaped the way you have done business yourself?

Jalynn: I love to call myself the Compassionista of Sales and Marketing. I firmly believe in the power of organic marketing and networking. Organically connecting with people has been the primary driver to my success, and I encourage every business owner to perfect how they engage with their customers and collaborators. If marketing were a cupcake, Paid traffic is the cherry on top of organic marketing.

Three marketing tips:

- Understand that marketing is what drives sales. Without marketing, you have no business.

- Marketing without strategy is hustling backward. Before you put content out to social media, it is essential to study and implement a marketing strategy so that your content converts lookers into buyers.

- There are different types of marketing; start with the type that fits your budget. Consider organic marketing first if you have a limited budget or audience that does not know you. Consider paid marketing strategies once you have a complete understanding of who you want to buy your products and services.

Dr. G.: What is next for Jalynn Jones, and how can people connect with you?

Jalynn: April is a HUGE month for Jalynn and Black Pretty and Paid University. The A in April stands for AUTOMATION. I’m dedicating the next 30 days to intensifying the way I show up for black-owned businesses. I will be hosting a series of rooms on clubhouse and sharing A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT on my Instagram page.

Connect with me by visiting www.blackprettyandpaidunviersity.com. You can Follow Me at:

IG: www.instagram.com/daretobeablkmillionaire

Clubhouse: https://joinclubhouse.com/@coachjalynn

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jalynnadrienne

Facebook: www.facebook.com/groups/blackprettyandpaiduniversity

I’m excited to connect!

Dr. G.: Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. I look forward to seeing you flourish in April and beyond.




Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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