Jade Tinner: The Power of OUR

When you are determined to make a change, you do so in a way that will shift the culture of those around you. And that is exactly what Jade Tinner, Vice President of Community Investment for the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, did when she launched her nonprofit, One Unified Resource Foundation (OUR).

OUR is a progressive nonprofit with the belief everyone is responsible for the overall well-being of their communities. A creative, Jade Tinner loves helping others and believes that adult men and young men should know that they are needed; and also need one another to thrive, create awareness, and network for positive growth. Further, they need to know there are people in the community open to supporting them. One way is the OUR foundation does this is by offering a MEN’S Brunch.

The MEN’S Brunch is an afternoon for men to dress up, network with other likeminded men, be catered to and cared for, and to hear from a powerful panel of men who are making tremendous impacts in our communities.

What is more unique about this MEN’s Brunch is how it is put together. The whole production team is made up of women. Just women! From the DJ to the chef and the volunteers to the creator (Jade Tinner, herself). What better way to cater and nurture than by truly showing men they matter and make a difference in our community? It also shows men and women that we are stronger together.

Another initiative the OUR foundation offers a mentorship program. OUR’s MEN(tors) Program connects young men with positive male mentorship. The goal is to provide them opportunities and resources that will help to restore their sense of purpose and wellbeing. To recruit MEN(tors), OUR provides the MEN’S Brunch attendees an opportunity to encourage and empower young men through their mentoring program.

The OUR Foundation is Jade Tinners baby. One that will continue to grow and help young and adult men become the best versions of themselves.

Connect with Jade Tinner at:

Instagram @iam_jadetinner

Facebook @iam_jadetinner

LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/jadetinner

Twitter @iam_jadetinner


Dallas Black Chamber — www.dallasblackchamber.org | info@dbcc.org

The OUR Foundation — www.theourfoundation.org | connect@theourfoundation.org

The MEN’S Brunch — www.themensbrunch.com | info@themensbrunch.com



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