I Didn’t Think I Needed a Life Coach Until I Got One That Changed My Life

I used to think I was a pretty balanced person. I work hard, play harder, travel, have an active social life, and still date myself while in my nearly eight-year relationship. And while my life is not perfect, I am certainly not afraid of knowing when I need therapy and ensuring I go when needed. But needing a life coach, I would pass on the thought every time. I never understood the purpose of needing one, nor wanted to spend money on someone who…did whatever they did, and honestly, I never really grasped the concept of it.

As I worked hard on being a full-time, successful entrepreneur, my life was morphing into unchartered territory of change (and quickly). I not only added media journalist to my plate of owning a content, technical writing, and business services company; I also became a best-selling author and a world renowned children’s books author. It was not that I was losing balance, I just felt like I was…maybe…losing how to accept the change that was coming at me and what it was meaning to me. Not sure if that even makes sense; however, it is the best way I could explain what I was going through at the time.

As a media journalist, I am in contact with a lot of people (and not always celebrities). One person I interviewed led me to interview Jonvoana Evans (a.k.a. Life Coach Von). It was something about her energy that hit my spirit in a way that said, “you need her.” Knowing me is knowing I follow what my spirit tells me all of the time (even if I don’t agree with it or understand the purpose of it). So, I hired Coach Von!

First let me say, I was not prepared for the level of work involved. There was a very lengthy questionnaire that was not so much about me…but about me. About the way I thought of me. About the way I thought of the world around me. About how I thought others thought of me. Yeah, it was a lot of thinking involved (even for a writer that thinks all damn day to create content)!

It took me some time and I got through it, and it was the best thing I had ever done since it set the precedence for what transpired in every call. Life Coach Von called my overall coaching consultation period, “Pamela’s Passionate Pivot.” It was because I was having so many shifts taking place in my life that learning how to pivot from full-time employment to full-time entrepreneurship took some grasping.

When I stated I did not think I needed a life coach, I was serious since balance was my middle name. Or so I thought. You see, to me, balance was having control over how much I worked and how much I played. I found out balance was much more than that. Balance was not about time. It was not about priority either. Balance is about placement of people, places, and things and how they controlled my thoughts, actions, and perceptions (about them and about myself). These are the things I had to declutter.

After spending four months with Life Coach Von, my life did not pivot as planned in my consulting title…it fully transformed. When I realized what changed for me in the time with a life coach, I realized “I” transformed. “I” evolved. She made sure of it because I was not the money I paid; I was a purpose in every moment she spent holding me accountable to transform the way I thought of myself, situations, growth, and life.

I learned that loving myself meant celebrating me (all the way, not just half way). You know how we can be at times…hard on ourselves. Not wanting to look like we are “bragging” so we celebrate in silence, only celebrate big milestones, after we complete things, or not at all. NO! Coach Von celebrated everything big and small. She held me accountable to even share small changes I made (like walking away not frustrated from the trashcan with no trash bag in it when the other bad was taken out -yes, y’all, this was a fucking mental stressor).

I learned to accept that my growth may show me relationships in my circle that are not serving me in my purpose and to be okay to not to respond and instead disconnect. I have never had an issue with letting go of people and my gift of goodbye has been one of those characteristics that has been a spiritual reward — energy does not lie. What she helped me realize was a holistic look at where I have been, where I am at, and where I am going and evaluating who’s energy is just taking up space. And there were some, I was just too busy making excuses for them being there.

Overall, evolution can look big or small and having a life coach like Life Coach Von will give you both when you put in the work. I definitely put in the work and reaped the benefits of everything I sewed for four months. Life Coach Von is a champion, cheerleader, role model, care-giver, accountability partner, and true butterFLY (you have to become a client for the “secret sauce” behind the word ButterFLY). I know life coaches should be about transformation; however, Life Coach Von is an life evolutionist. You don’t just transform; you evolve and accept the transition that comes with a purpose driven life.

Some write reviews to say thank you and recommend. I write blogs. :)

Connect with Life Coach Von at:

IG, FB, Clubhouse, TikTok @lifecoachvon

Website: Lifecoachvon.me

Email: admin@lifecoachvon.me




Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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