Dr. Markey Pierré: Giving Power to Women of Color

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.
4 min readAug 25, 2021

Women of color are constantly faced with the dilemma of “do I take this less than desirable job opportunity, or do I keep searching for a better one?” Whether it is because they are looking to advance their career, get into a new industry, or want to make more money — there’s always that nagging feeling in the back of the head saying, “this is not what I’m supposed to be doing.” This has been the emphasis and driving force for Dr. Markey W. Pierré, DBA Vice Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff, LSU Health Sciences Center.

Her 20-plus year career as a successful business owner and executive, author, and motivational speaker, Dr. Pierré’s philosophy of inclusive leadership resulted in pioneering legislation that has had far-reaching positive consequences for generations to come. She doesn’t have any regrets about the decisions she had made in life, and this is a conquest that can help others with their journey.

What makes Dr. Markey W. Pierré company services so unique is that her blogs and digital resources are useable tools to help women increase their courage, competency, and confidence. Specifically targeting Women and Women of Color seeking powerful positions in nontraditional settings, the tools she is debuting in the fall do more than motivate. They empower and equip African American women with real-time success strategies that help them become more prepared as they pursue positions of power and influence in nontraditional settings. And trust me, she does not sugarcoat what is to be expected when they secure the position. She feels it is vital that her fellow ladies know they can handle the pressure of performance if they know what is to be expected, things they should avoid, and how to gain respect from those who have chosen not to beforehand.

Dr. Markey W. Pierré does not focus on her competition. Her professional experience and success, both in the public and private sectors, definitely set her apart from any competition. Her work as a former lobbyist, her current position as Vice-Chancellor of External Affairs and Chief of Staff, LSUHealth Sciences Center, and education advocate has consistently placed her in an environment where she was the only African American and woman. I represent more than just accomplished personal goals.

Her eyes are opened wide to the disparity of wealth, opportunities, and platforms available to women and people of color. Her path hasn’t alway been easy, yet somehow, she has always created a success strategy that led her to overcome the hurdles so blatantly placed in her way. She works diligently with corporate and private clients to bridge the gap between common divides. Having decades of success and experience while not encountering many that look like her and could relate motivated her to say yes to becoming a solution for this problem.

Dr. Markey W. Pierré has stated she met so many talented and qualified women of color that either shrink back and buy into the reasons they won’t get the job or opportunity.; and that so many say there isn’t anyone that looks like her or they won’t hire her. They say all of this while having a deep desire for the position they never pursue. Companies not having strong leadership and diverse representation around decision-making tables propelled her to launch her coaching, blog, and products.

When asked what is important to Dr. Markey W. Pierré, she stated:

“I want my clients (to be inspired to believe they are more than qualified to pursue the position with confidence and clarity. I want them to connect with me through my blogs and resources. I want them to trust my voice. I want people to believe in themselves no matter how farfetched their goals may seem. I want decision-makers to be open to having a hard conversation and providing opportunities for women of color to take on high-paying and powerful positions. I want African American women not to tap out because they feel isolated and misunderstood. I want them to know I am here for them to help them never give up and to brace for the impact of the position.”

So, what is next for this confident powerhouse? In five years, she sees herself as a corporate coach leading the way to provide leadership on the national stage for diversity and inclusion. She wants to be a living example of how to overcome race and gender bias challenges in nontraditional settings and be viewed as a trustworthy advisor, nurturing women across the globe.

For more information on Dr. Pierré, her services, blogs, and products, visit www.markeywpierre.com.



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