Cheating Is Not Cheating: It’s Human Nature: A Business Mogul’s Perspective

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.
6 min readDec 11, 2020

In world with technological access to people, cheating has become easier than ever. But wait, cheating is not new…even if new ways of access to it is.

There has been countless oldie but goodie songs about it, movies, and books about cheating. Does it make it right, though? According to business mogul, Naiym “Wolf” Dingle, it’s in a man’s nature to cheat and writes about it in his best selling book, “Cheating is Not Cheating: A Guide to Understanding A Man’s Nature”.

If you know me, you know I love authentic transparency; and this intrigued me. So, you know I had to get the “deets” and I did just that in an interview with business mogul and author himself, Naiym “Wolf” Dingle.

Dr. G: Before we talk about this controversial book, let’s talk about what influenced you to become an entrepreneur since you became a business mogul in your late teens, early twenties?

Naiym: Want to hear something funny? I have never had a job in my life! I went to a few interviews and one orientation actually made it to training but I have never officially had my first day of work. My entrepreneur journey started when I was 7 yrs old. My mother used to give me $5 for lunch everyday which at the time was a lot of money, especially for a 7-yr old kid. I would spend $2 on my lunch and with the remaining money I’d buy extra snacks like chips, cakes, sodas and candy to sell to my classmates. Now I’ll be honest, at the time I didn’t even know what the word entrepreneur meant and the first time I had heard it was from my 2nd grade teacher. I had a line in front of my desk and asked me, “What do you have going on over here that has everyone lined up?” I told her I had been buying snacks with my lunch money and reselling them for double to kids who wanted snacks but didn’t have them. She had every right to shut me down, but instead she told me “you’re going to be an entrepreneur”.

Dr. G: It is amazing to have a teacher to encourage entrepreneurship and recognize it in you at such a young age. Did it continue beyond selling snacks?

Naiym: Yes. From that point on I created hustles to make my own money. As I got older the things I wanted costs more money so it wouldn’t be long before I outgrew making $25 from sweeping the barbershop. I started to throw parties (which is when I discovered my love for marketing and fast money). After making thousands of dollars in one night, I told myself minimum wage didn’t make sense. As time went on I transitioned into selling drugs and then clothing apparel, hair bundles, a hair salon, cupcakes, a take out restaurant and now a marketing company. See, to be honest, as I reflect on my life’s journey, everything was aligning for me to be doing exactly what I am doing now.

Dr. G: Well, clearly you have defined your own path to become a success. So, let’s talk about your book (which has equally become successful). What was the inspiration behind it and was it based on personal experience?

Naiym: I’ll start by saying this, no my book was not based on my personal experiences, but I can’t say that my personal experiences didn’t help shape my understanding for humans and how they behave in certain situations.

Dr. G: What do you mean by that?

Naiym: I don’t like to use the term “personal experiences” because it sounds like me writing about the things that I went through and/or overcame which is not the case. I consider the book to be written from my personal research, which took years to construct and is still developing and improving daily. The truth is, my book was written by me but it wasn’t written for me.

Dr. G: Now that is an interesting statement. So, who was your book written for?

Naiym: It was written for the people who are out here seeking an understanding for their nature and the nature of the person they are dealing with. My inspiration came once I discovered what I would consider the solution to all the problems in the world that makes us “different”. That solution is understanding. Lack of understanding is what creates misunderstandings, fear and judgement! So, I wanted to start the journey of providing understanding in the area where I see it was needed most! Relationships!!! If I can help people understand themselves, they will begin to understand other people.

Dr. G: That is an interesting way to problem solve and I do agree that self-discovery and self-acceptance does help us be less fearful of judgement. Did you ever worry about any negative backlash or feedback over it?

Naiym: I mean with the title alone you’d have to expect to hear some type of backlash, prejudgments and disagreements but that’s honestly what I was going for. Yes, I could’ve titled it “How to blah blah blah” and it wouldn’t have received as many prejudged opinions but it also wouldn’t be opening up the discussion that it has been stirring up on major platforms forcing people to ask themselves, “if cheating is not cheating then what is it?”

As for it being a worry? No I didn’t worry. {laughing} I actually prepared myself for the backlash! I’m open to all feedback.

Dr. G: So essentially, it was less about the actual question and more about starting the conversation?

Naiym: Yes and no. Outside of the fact that “cheating is not cheating” being a true statement, it also was a marketing play on words. {laughing} I knew it would infuriate just as many people as it would intrigue! They’ll either talk trash about it or pick it up to read it…either way was fine with me. I also knew that I would receive some backlash from women who assumed that because I am a man I would and could only speak from a man’s perspective.

Dr. G: You talk about not knowing yourself being a precursor for cheating. How do you think knowing yourself will eliminate cheating in relationships?

Naiym: Knowing yourself will allow you to determine what you consider to be “cheating” in your relationships. It will also eliminate your questions for why you were cheated on, and even help you understand why you may have made the decision to cheat. And, no, I don’t think that knowledge of self will eliminate cheating in a relationship but the only thing that can eliminate cheating is making the decision not to do it.

Dr. G: In your book you talk about why men will not forgive a woman if she cheats, but a woman will often forgive a man. So, you know I have to ask you about the pride and ego of men. Why is there a double standard on forgiveness when it comes to women who cheat?

Naiym: Pride and ego can be identified in both men and women. The results of the damages done by pride and ego are contingent upon which of the two are stronger in the man (or woman) in particular.

In my book, I breakdown the details of pride and ego and how they identify in men and women; as well as, if you should forgive and how to forgive.

Dr. G: Thank you for sharing that. You all go purchase his book, “Cheating is NOT Cheating”. Before we end this interview, how can people connect with you?

Naiym: For anyone looking to connect with me, follow me on my social media platforms:

IG: @WolfWse

Twitter: @WolfWse_

Facebook: Naiym “Wolf” Dingle

And folks, there you have it! If you want more, go get his book, connect with him, and start the discussion.



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