Author and Entrepreneur Diana Richardson-Phillipus: Empowering Others to Transform With Purpose

Writing can be a creative and therapeutic experience for those who choose to partake. It can also be educational, allowing people to share their knowledge to transform others. For author and entrepreneur Diana Richardson-Philipus, it is both. Born and raised in Pennsylvania and now residing in Atlanta, writing has provided an outlet for Richardson-Philipus to be creative while sparking social awareness and transformational change — especially for women.

The founder of Empowered Women Empower and Bronzed GLO Beauty (an Organic Cosmetics brand), as well as the author of Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose With Self-Knowledge, Richardson-Philipus is a champion when it comes to helping women reach their full potential and believes that every woman has the power to make a positive impact by empowering others. After overcoming years of insecurity and low self-esteem, she found strength in vulnerability and self-knowledge. Now, through her work, she hopes to encourage other women to let go of their pasts, embrace their unique gifts and talents, and use them to make a difference in the world.

In a quick interview, Richardson-Philipus talks about her book and writing. She says that she felt compelled to write the book because she wanted to lend her voice and knowledge to help shift the mindset of others.

Hi, Diana. Thank you for taking a pause to chat with me. Please share a little about yourself and your background that led you to write your book with our readers.

What a journey I’ve had! For a very long time, I was plagued by negativity and bad habits. I was in an abusive relationship that took me to a very low place. This coupled with growing up witnessing the abuse of my mother; I hit rock bottom. I knew that something needed to change, and I also knew that change had to be me! I set out on a journey in 2010 to change my circumstances by changing my mindset. I had previously been exposed to the law of attraction with the book “The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn”; however, it was around this time that I was reintroduced to the law of attraction with the book “The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.” I began to make vision boards and speak positively over my life! I wrote affirmations for my life and literally stuck them everywhere! My life began to Transform. These experiences ultimately led me to write, Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose with Self-Knowledge.

What inspired you to start writing?

As I saw my own life Transform into the life that I at one point had only dreamed of, I felt that it was necessary to share this knowledge. My inspiration lay in the thought process of what if I could change the lives of people thru my testimony. I wanted to write a book that would serve as a blueprint to transform oneself and give the specifics of what I know through personal experience works!

Who is your target audience for your book? Why did you decide to write to this demographic?

My target audience with my book “Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose With Self-Knowledge” is women and men between the ages of 18 yrs. And older. I believe this age range is perfect as on the lower spectrum (18), one Is just coming into themselves. Maybe they are like how I was at this tender age, confused, plagued by negativity, and having severe family dysfunction, including domestic and/or drug abuse. Or maybe they are between ages and still trying to figure it out and need a little guidance.

What is the significance of the title?

Great question! When I looked back over my life’s journey when writing this book, it was a full-on metamorphosis! Transformation is exactly what happens when one follows the blueprint!

Designing a cover is one of the most important parts of publishing a successful book. Tell me about the process for coming up with your cover.

The cover of Transformation is very dear to my heart. I wanted the cover of the book to be symbolic of myself and the result of the Transformation. A caterpillar goes thru a metamorphosis period but, in the end, spreads its wings into a beautiful butterfly. The cover shows a woman with a butterfly.

What was your experience writing the book, and did you have any challenges? If so, what were they?

I was most surprised by just how much I had to say. Don’t get me wrong, when you are writing a book, of course; you know you want to say something! But what I am referring to is just how it poured out of me! It was such a pleasure to write. I was excited and motivated throughout the process because I knew this would be a game-changer for all who read!

Can you share something about the book that isn’t in the blurb?

Of course! One may not be fully aware that this book is not only a tool, but it is a personal testimony! I shared all of the techniques I used that have been proven to work in transforming my own life.

What do you like to do when you are not writing?

I love curating spaces for businesswomen to come together to showcase their products/services. I founded Empowered Women Empower, which has enabled me to bring this vision to life.

EWE (Empowered Women Empower) has Popup Shops and Networking Conferences throughout the year! We bring women together in a safe space that Empowers and promotes networking and business-building tools and connections.

Writing can be an emotionally draining and stressful pursuit. Any tips for aspiring writers?

Absolutely! My one word would be Stay The Course! When feeling overwhelmed with writing, take a break! Go for a long walk, watch a funny movie, or do whatever brings you joy and gives your mind a break. But at the very end, you must stay the course.

What is next for you in the next year or so?

I am working on the sequel to Transformation, which will be released before the summer’s end. I am so excited about this next chapter! Once you have transformed, I wanted to address going thru the next steps to begin really living one’s dream life!

How can people connect with you, find your books, etc.?

People can connect with me via the outlets below:



Social: @dianarichardsonphillipus

My books, Journals, and Notebooks are all currently available on Amazon at:

Transformation: Finding Greater Purpose with Self-Knowledge, YES YOU CAN: EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER, and 2022 SUCCESS STARTS WITH SELF DISCIPLINE: Weekly Planner: EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER



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