A T.A.L.K. with the Media Giant Dr. Ashley Little

Media platforms comes in all forms, just like people. But also, like media platforms, there are people that make such an explosion with its greatness before the entire world hears about it. This is what Dr. Ashley Little was when it came to media (and at this point, the world has gotten to know this media giant in some way, shape, or form).

Dr. Ashley Little is an Award-Winning Serial Entrepreneur, Media Journalist, 12X Best-Selling Author, Host and Executive Producer of Creating Your Seat At The Table Show, CEO and Founder; as well as Editor-In-Chief of Creating Your Seat At The Table International Magazine, CEO and Founder of Little Publishing, CEO, Founder, and Visionary Author of The HBCU Experience Movement (the first black-owned publishing company to publish Prominent HBCU Alumni Stories throughout the world), and Founder and Owner of T.A.L.K Radio & TV Network.

Her immense tenacity for personal success is something to be admired. But her magnitude for providing opportunity to others is even greater that that. Her journey has been nothing short of amazing thus far and that is why it was such a pleasure to interview her. Dr. Ashley Little is nothing short of incredible.

Dr. G: You do so much, but let’s talk about your media journey. What motivated you to acquire a radio and tv network?

Dr. Little: My journey in the media has been amazing. I have met and connected with some remarkable people. I’m thankful for all the divine connections and opportunities God has provided for me and I do not take any credit…it’s all him. I love networking, connecting and collaborating with people because I believe we can all WIN at the end of the day.

I was motivated to acquire my Radio & TV Network to help new business owners, seasoned business owners, corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, kidpreneurs, and authors continue to build their brand by using their voice and by building their own platform. Everyone likes to be interviewed. These platforms allow people to create and build their own platform and then invite the people they would like to connect with to their table. Every business owner should have an outlet to use their voice and connect with people.

Dr. G: Now, let’s talk about media and the current racial inequality climate. There is so much going on in racial inequality and injustice in the media. Are you having discussions like this on any of your media platforms? If so, why do you think it is important to have these conversations?

Dr. Little: Yes, I agree there is a lot going on with the current racial inequality and injustice in the media. We have to use our platforms to spread awareness and be apart of the solution. I am having daily discussions about it on my media platforms. It is important for us to have these raw discussions and then execute. We spend a lot of time talking but we don’t take enough action. Let’s normalize EXECUTING!

Dr. G.: You own several businesses that are very diverse. How do you find balance with working in media and then changing hats?

Dr. Little: I love what I do so it doesn’t feel like work. I balance my time by using a calendar and a daily to-do list. Next, I make time for self-care on a daily basis because my mental, spiritual and physical health is important in order for me to perform at a high level.

Dr. G.: What is next for Dr. Ashley Little and how can people connect?

Dr. Little: I am excited for all the great things and miracles God has in store for me. Stay tuned big blessings are on the way. People can connect with me at the following: Website: www.ashleylittleenterprises.com


Facebook: Dr. Ashley Little

LinkedIn: Dr. Ashley Little

Clubhouse @drashleylittle

Email Address: info@ashleyalittle and aalittle08@gmail.com




Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Dr. Pamela Gurley, D.M.

Speaker | Author | CEO | Writer. The Un@pologetic Entrepreneur. Feat’d in Forbes, on Good Morning Washington & Fox5Atl. Connect on IG & Twitter: @iamdrpgurley

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